-EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Areas-

Non-Invasive Muscle Toning & Fat Removal

Emscupt Neo individually tailored treatments can help you eliminate fat and build muscles on various body parts. Though muscles make up about 35% of the human body, most aesthetic treatments only focus on fat reduction and do not address the building of muscle. However, EMSCULPT®, the FDA-cleared non-surgical, no pain, non-invasive, body contouring treatment by BTL Industries hit the scene in 2018 looking to change all of that. This treatment addresses muscle tone and fat deposits and fully supports your dedication to an active and healthy lifestyle. It does this by helping you target and further define those particularly stubborn areas of your body by shedding fat and sculpting your body with zero downtime. Using an electromagnetic procedure, it eliminates fats cells and tightens muscles in the hard to reach areas of your abdomen and buttocks. By emitting electromagnetic pulses that force your muscles to contract about 20,000 times in just 30 minutes, EMSCULPT® uses game-changing technology that simultaneously builds and strengthens your muscle fibers and burns fat. Are you ready to embrace a body that has more lean muscle, less fat, and would you like to be able to look forward to a better quality of life?

-Fawn Meeking, RPN performs the Emsculpt procedure in the following areas of the body-

Emsculpt Abs – Women’s Before and After

Sometimes no matter how many sit-ups and crunches you do, pesky fat lingers around the abdominal area. Emsculpt Neo helps tighten, firm, and define your abs and decrease abdominal fat while allowing you to bypass crowded gyms and classes without stepping foot in the gym. Patients who opt for Emsculpt Neo treatments of their abdominal area often notice a firmer core, better posture, and a more defined midsection.

Some things to notice about visual improvements to the abdominal muscles on women after receiving the Emsculpt treatment is that in all cases, the midsection girth was reduced. The bellybutton is often higher because the muscles are pulling it up. Some women did see more definition in the actual muscles, also known as “6-pack abs”.

Emsculpt Abs – Men’s Before and After

Some things to notice about visual improvements to the abdominal muscles on men after receiving a standard Emsculpt treatment package: bellybutton placement is often higher because the abdominal muscles are lifting it higher. Some men did see more definition in the actual muscles, also known as “6-pack abs”.

Emsculpt Neo for the Arms – Before and After

Many men and women see an increase in the size of the bicep, and more definition in the triceps.

Much like other areas of the body, the arms can store excess fat which can be difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone. Emsculpt Neo can help build arm muscle mass and melt unwanted fat to deliver toned biceps and triceps in ways never before imaginable.

Emsculpt Buttocks - Before and After

Many patients notice a fuller, rounder shape after a standard set of 4 treatments. The actual glute muscles are often lifted, reducing the fold at the bottom of the buttocks. Get the backside you’ve always wanted, without having to spend endless hours in the gym.

Many patients seeking non-surgical alternatives to buttock implants and Brazilian Butt Lifts can turn to Emsculpt Neo to give them the look of a smooth, firm, lifted, and round bottom. When treating the buttocks, the fat burning capability of Emsculpt Neo is turned off to maximize volume gains.

Emsculpt Legs - Before and After

For calves, patients will often see a more defined version of their natural shape. Calf development may support knee, ankle, and foot injuries. Have you been struggling to achieve calf definition? Emsculpt Neo melts fat and builds muscle to get you the calves you’ve always wanted. There has never been a more effective way to build your calves outside of the gym.

EMSCULPT NEO For Inner & Outter Thighs - Before & After