Advanced Foot Care | Diabetic Foot Care | Medical Foot Care

-No matter what your age, having healthy feet is an important part of good health-

Too often, people think that foot pain is normal. It is not. If you have foot pain, you should see a foot care nurse to determine the problem and how to fix it.

Foot care nurses are highly trained medical professionals who focus specifically on the foot. Their area of expertise includes treating and helping you to keep your feet in a healthy condition. Foot care nurses treat patients of all ages in all health care settings. Our active lifestyles, an aging population and an anticipated increase in the number of Canadians developing diabetes have increased the demand for foot care services.


Evening and Saturday Appointments Available!


A Foot Care Nurse can Benefit you…..

-If You Have underlying medical issues, are a senior, athlete, a busy adult or you are pregnant

-If you are environmentally sensitive and would love a pedicure but can’t go to a spa

-If you have thick discolored nails that make you avoid wearing sandals

-If trimming your own nails is too risky because of a medical condition

-If you have difficulty trimming your own nails

-If you have calluses and they are thick and painful

-Providing Quality, Professional Nursing Health Care Treatments with Compassion and Dignity-

Feet and footwear assessment, annual neuropathy screening testing, corn & callus reduction, ingrowing toenail correction, professional nail cutting and filing, medical pedicures, wart, fungal nail & athlete’s foot treatment, dry/cracked skin treatment, therapeutic foot rub.

-Advanced Foot Care and Medical Pedicures using Non-Toxic Nail Polish Application!-

Safe for even the most Environmentally Sensitive Client. Make yourself a PRIORITY come Rejuvenate the most important part of your body at A Step Above Wellness Centre Today!

We offer our patients A Step Above Advanced, Diabetic and Basic Foot Care treatments for the whole family. Book your Foot Care treatment today and see how we can enhance YOUR foot health needs.

A Step Above Foot Nurse in LaSalle, ON is a private practice that specializes in foot care health. As a dedicated professional, we are happy to provide foot care as an overall wellness and maintenance program for clients of all ages.

By providing quality foot care treatments that will benefit our patients, we put the focus on maintenance and prevention of foot and lower limb pathology, maintain or improve mobility and lower limb function, relieve symptoms, as well as improve the overall quality of life of our patients.

Medical footcare is covered by Green Shield and The Retired Teachers of Ontario health insurance. We do not do direct billing. Ask us for a receipt upon payment of your service & simply submit to your insurance company.

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-Happy Clients-

Foot Care can be beneficial to individuals living with diabetes, arthritis, nerve, circulatory issues and for those who just can’t reach their toes. While taking into consideration that these treatments are in high demand, our goal is to not only provide high-quality foot care but also address the foot in its entirety while delivering first-class nursing treatments tailored to you our client and your individual needs. We make referrals as necessary.

Your foot care treatment:

Your FOOT NURSE will take a health

history of the underlying disease, foot health history, and current medications. This nursing assessment will help us understand your risk factors and identify foot problems.

You can expect your first appointment to take 60 minutes.

Follow-up visits take approximately 30 minutes.

Ongoing maintenance of your feet is critical. Most clients receive a foot care visit once every 6-8 weeks.

Your on-going schedule can be discussed with your nurse to ensure the frequency of visits will truly help heal and maintain your feet.


Our treatments are performed in a unique way to deliver a non-invasive effective foot care treatment without the risk of cross-contamination.

Our tools go through a thorough sterilization process, are packaged and sterilized by way of autoclave, with the use of a podiatry drill and various burs, there is virtually no vibration when providing treatments leaving you with an enjoyable, relaxing foot care experience.

Do your feet need special care?

Offering professional, discreet, high-quality foot care treatments in our LaSalle office located in Urban Selections Plaza

Relax and Rejuvenate, in our clean foot care room.

Due to the current COVID-19 health climate, we are no longer offering in-home visits. Should you require in-home visitation, we can refer you to trusted nurses who continue to do in-home services.


-Who Needs a Foot Care Nurse?-​

People Living with Diabetes | Seniors | People with Difficulty Mobilizing | People with Back Injuries | People with Limited Vision | Athletes | Individuals Living with Arthritis | People with Poor Circulation

and for Those who Just can’t Reach their Toes…

-We offer Quality, Non-Invasive Foot Care Treatments-​

Diabetic Foot | Corns, Calluses | Verruca (warts) | Athletes Foot | Cracked Heels (fissures) | Arthritis Pain | Thick, Discolored | Nails – Toe Nail Reduction | Fungal Nail Treatment – PDT | Ingrown / Involuted Toenails | Injured / Damaged Nails – Nail Reconstruction and Nail Prosthesis

-Our focus is on Delivering Quality and Hygienic Treatments that are good for you-

We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are offered safe and sterile treatments, by following Health Canada’s Best Practice Safety Standards for Medical Reprocessing. What that means is, all our stainless-steel instruments are sanitized after each use on clients. They are cleaned in an enzymatic solution, they go through an ultrasonic bath, then clean tools are sealed in disposable sanitation pouches before being autoclaved. The sealed pouches are only opened by the Foot Nurse at the start of each service and sanding bands are never reused on the next client.